Review copies Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale

This is the list of books offered for review in Social Anthropology journal. If you are interested in reviewing any of the books, please write to including your full name and postal address, areas of expertise (as they relate to the book), and the full title of the book you would like to review. Please include all this information in your first email. Reviews are 750 words, written in English or in French. The books from this update will be posted 22 June, and reviews are due 31 September.

Abuhav, Orit. 2015. In the Company of Others: The Development of Anthropology in Israel. Wayne State University Press. 296 pp. Hb.: $54.99. ISBN: 9780814338735

Allerton, Catherine (ed.). 2016. Children: Ethnographic Encounters. Bloomsbury Academic. 200 pp. Hb.: £54.00. ISBN: 9781474258180

Antrosio, Jason; Colloredo-Mansfeld, Rudi. 2015. Fast, Easy, and in Cash: Artisan Hardship and Hope in the Global Economy. The University of Chicago Press. 200 pp. Ppb.: $25.00. ISBN: 9780226302614

Baroiller, Aurélien. 2015. Faire vivre le folklore: Dynamiques de transformation de la Ducasse de Mons. Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Culture.Be. 272 pp. EUR 15.00. ISBN: 9782930624112

Besson, Jean. 2016. Transformations of Freedom in the Land of the Maroons: Creolization in the Cockpits Jamaica. Kingston, Miami: Ian Randle Publishers. 390 pp. Ppb.: $47.95.: ISBN: 9789766374082

Bovensiepen, Judith M. 2016. The Land of Gold: Post-conflict Recovery and Cultural Revival in Independent Timor-Leste. Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications. 216 pp. Ppb.: $23.95. ISBN-13: 9780877277675

Boyer, Dominic; James D. Faubion and George E. Marcus (eds.). 2015. Theory Can Be More than It Used to Be: Learning Anthropology’s Method in a Time of Transition. Cornell University Press. 296 pp. Ppb.: $23.95. ISBN-13: 9781501700088

Costa, Elisabetta. 2016. Social Media in Southeast Turkey. UCL Press. 210 pp. Ppb.: £ 15.00. ISBN: 9781910634530

De Mori, Bernd Brabec 2016. Die Lieder der Richtigen Menchen. Musikalische Kulturanthropologie der indigenen Bevölkerung im Ucayali-Tal, Westamazonien. Helbling Verlag. 780 pp. Ppb.: EUR 98.99. ISBN: 9783990353707

Dudrah, Rajinder; Mader Elke, and Bernhard Fuchs (eds.). 2015. SRK and Global Bollywood. Oxford University Press. 393 pp. Hb.: $25.00. ISBN: 9780199460472

Espirito Santo, Diana. 2015. Developing the Dead: Mediumship and Selfhood in Cuban Espiritismo. University Press of Florida. 338 pp. Hb.: $74.95. ISBN-13: 9780813060781

Espirito Santo, Diana and Anastasios Panagiotopoulos (eds.). 2015. Beyond Tradition, Beyond Invention: Cosmic Technologies and Creativity in Contemporary Afro-Cuban Religions. Sean Kingston Publishing. Hb.: £60.00. ISBN: 9781907774379

Gledhill, John (ed.). 2016. World Anthropologies in Practice: Situated Perspectives, Global Knowledge. Bloomsbury. 264 pp. Hb.: $112.00. ISBN: 9781474252638

Glowczewski, Barbara 2016. Desert Dreamers: With the Warlpiri People of Australia. Univocal Publishing. 322 pp. Ppb.: $26.95. ISBN: 9781937561963

Godelier, Maurice. 2015. L’imaginé, l’imaginaire & le symbolique. CNRS Editions. 283 pp. Ppb. ISBN: 9782271080820

Gossiaux, Jean-Francois. 2016. Les debris épars du progress: Évolutionnisme vs anthropologie. Le (bien) commun. 128 pp. Ppb.: EUR 13.00. ISBN-13: 9782735120925

Gren, Nina. 2016. Occupied Lives: Maintaining Integrity in a Palestinian Refugee Camp in the West Bank. Oxford University Press. 288 pp. Hb.: $70.00. ISBN: 9789774166952

Hovens, Pieter and Metter van der Hooft. 2016. Indian Detours: Tourism in Native North America. Sidestone Press. 224 pp. Ppb.:EUR 34.95. ISBN: 9789088903366

Hviding, Edvard and Geoffrey White (eds.). 2015. Pacific Alternatives: Cultural Politics in Contemporary Oceania. Sean Kingston Publishing. Hb.: £60.00. ISBN: 9781907774386

Josephides, Lisette (ed.). 2015. Knowledge and Ethics in Anthropology: Obligations and Requirements. London: Bloomsbury Academic. 248 pp. Hb.: £67.50. ISBN: 9780857855374

Jusionyte, Ieva. 2015. Savage Frontier: Making News and Security in the Argentine Border. University of California Press. 304 pp. Ppb.: $29.95. ISBN: 9780520286474

Kallinen, Timo. 2016. Divine Rulers in a Secular State. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura. 205 pp. Hb.: EUR 42.00. ISBN: 9789522226822

Luehrmann, Sonja. 2015. Religion in the Archives: Soviet Atheism and Historical Knowledge. Oxford University Press. 256 pp. Hb.: $74.00. ISBN: 9780199943623

McPherson, Naomi M. (ed.) 2016. Missing the Mark? Women and The Millennium Development Goals in Africa and Oceania. Demeter Press. 317 pp. Ppb: $34.95. ISBN: 9781772580044

Miller, Daniel 2016. Social Media in an English village. UCL Press. 234 pp. Ppb.: £15.00. ISBN: 9781910634431

Miller, Daniel; Costa, Elisabetta; Haynes, Nell; McDonald, Tom; Nicolescu, Razvan; Sinanan, Jolynna; Spyer,Juliano; Venkatraman, Shriram; Wang, Xinyuan. 2016. How the World Changed Social Media. UCL Press. Ppb.: £15.00. ISBN: 9781910634486

Naguib, Nefissa. 2015. Nurturing Masculinities: Men, Food, and Family in Contemporary Egypt. University of Texas Press. 156 pp. Ppb.: $21.95. ISBN: 9781477307106

Nustad, Knut G. 2015. Creating Africas: Struggles Over Nature, Conservation and Land. Hurst & Company. 224 pp. Ppb.: £25.00. ISBN: 9781849042581

Ottosson, Åse. 2016. Making Aboriginal Men and Music in Central Australia. London: Bloomsbury. 240 pp. Hb.: $94.99. ISBN: 9781474224628

Pink, Sarah; Ardèvol, Elisenda; Lanzeni, Débora (eds.). 2016. Digital Materialities: Design and Anthropology. Bloomsbury Academic. 264 pp. Ppb.: $29.95. ISBN-13: 9781472592569

Rees, Jonathan. 2015. Refrigerator. Bloomsbury Academic. 136 pp. Ppb.: $16.25. ISBN-13:9781628924329

Rosen, David M. 2016. Child Soldiers in the Western Imagination: From Patriots to Victims. Rutgers University Press. 224 pp. Ppb.: $28.95. ISBN: 9780813563701

Schiller, Anne. 2016. Merchants in the City of Art: Work, Identity, and Change in a Florentine Neighborhood. University of Toronto Press. 176 pp. Ppb.: $24.95. ISBN: 9781442634619

Schuller, Mark. 2016. Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti. Rutgers University Press. 312 pp. Ppb.: $27.95. ISBN: 9780813574233

Sorge, Antonio. 2016. Legacies of Violence: History, Society, and the State in Sardinia. University of Toronto Press. 232 pp. Ppb.: $26.95. ISBN-13: 9781442627291

Ulysse, Gina A. 2015. Why Haiti Needs New Narratives: A Post-quake Chronicle. Trilingual edition. Wesleyan University Press. 440 pp. Ppb.: $27.95. ISBN: 9780819575456

Wilkinson-Weber, Clare M; DeNicola, Alicia O. (eds.). 2016. Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization, and Capitalism. Bloomsbury Academic. 320 pp. Ppb.: £17.99. ISBN: 9781472594853

Yang, Jie. 2015. Unknotting the Heart: Unemployment and Therapeutic Governance in China. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press. 288 pp. Ppb.: $24.95. ISBN-13:9780801456602