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At the moment we are not commissioning book reviews for Social Anthropology. Thank you for your interest.


November, 2015

This is the list of books offered for review in Social Anthropology journal. If you are interested in reviewing any of the books, please write to including your full name and postal address, credentials and areas of expertise, and the full title of the book you would like to review. Please include all this information in your first email. It usually takes a couple of weeks to process all requests and send a confirmation email to your specific request. Reviews are 750 words, written in English or in French, and the deadline is usually set within 2 months from the dispatch of the book.

Abramowitz, Sharon Alane. 2014. Searching for Normal in the Wake of the Liberian War. Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights. University of Pennsylvania Press. 280 pp. Hb.: $50.94. ISBN-13: 978-0812246261.

Aching, Gerard. 2015. Freedom from Liberation: Slavery, Sentiment, and Literature in Cuba. Indiana University Press. 272 pp. Hb.: $48.00. ISBN: 9780253016935

Adinkrah, Mensah 2015. Witchcraft, Witches and Violence in Ghana. Berghahn Books. 336 pp. Hb.: $110.00. ISBN: 9781782385608

Albahari, Maurizio. 2015. Crimes of Peace: Mediterranean Migrations at the World’s Deadliest Border. University of Pennsylvania Press. 288 pp. Hb.: $65.00. ISBN: 9780812247473

Aneesh, A. 2015. Neutral Accent: How Language, Labor, and Life Become Global. Duke University Press. 168 pp. Ppb.: $22.95. ISBN: 9780822358534

Arcangeli, Myriam. 2015. Sherds of History: Domestic LIfe in Colonial Guadeloupe. University Press of Florida. 226 pp. Hb.: $74.95. ISBN 13: 9780813060422

Ardren, Traci. 2015. Social Identities in the Classic Maya Northern Lowlands: Gender, Age, Memory, and Place. University of Texas Press. 224 pp. Hb.: $55.00. ISBN: 9780292768116

Auyero, Javier; Berti, Maria Fernanda. 2015. In Harm’s Way: The Dynamics of Urban Violence. Princeton University Press. 264 pp. Hb.: $35.00. ISBN: 9780691164779

Baker, Brenda J.; Tsuda, Takeyuki (eds.). 2015. Migration & Disruptions: Toward a Unifying Theory of Ancient and Contemporary Migrations. University Press of Florida. 352 pp. Hb. ISBN: 9780813060804

Bartmanski, Dominik. 2015. Vinyl. The Analogue Record in the Digital Age. Bloomsbury Academic. 240 pp. Ppb.: $24.70. ISBN-13: 978-0857856616.

Bear, Laura. 2015. Navigating Austerity: Currents of Dept Along a South Asian River. Stanford University Press. 272 pp. Ppb.: £19.99. ISBN: 9780804795531

Beck, Sam; Maida, Carl A. (eds.). 2015. Public Anthropology in a Borderless World. Berghahn Books. 388 pp. Hb.: $120.00. ISBN: 9781782387305

Beckmann, Nadine and Alessandro Gusman (eds.) 2014. Strings Attached: AIDS and the Rise of Transnational Connections in Africa (Proceedings of the British Academy). Oxford University Press. 330 pp. Hb.: $87.31, ISBN-13: 978-0197265680

Berg, Ulla D. 2015. Mobile Selves: Race, Migration, and Belonging in Peru and the U.S. NYU Press. 336 pp. Hb.: $49.00. ISBN: 9781479803460

Berti, Daniela; Good, Anthony; Tarabout, Gilles (eds.). 2015. Of Doubt and Proof: Ritual and Legal Practices of Judgement. Ashgate Publishing. 220 pp. Hb.: £70.00. ISBN: 9781472434517

Billaud, Julie. 2015. Kabul Carnival: Gender Politics in Postwar Afganistan. University of Pennsylvania Press. 256 pp. Hb.: $55.00/£36.00. ISBN: 9780812246964

Braverman, Irus. 2015. Wild Life: The Institution of Nature. Stanford University Press. 344 pp. Ppb.: $24.95. ISBN: 9780804795685

Bubandt, Nils. 2014. The Empty Seashell: Witchcraft and Doubt on an Indonesian Island. Cornell University Press. 320 pp. Ppb.: $26.95. ISBN-13: 9780801479458

Bunescu, Iona. 2014. Roma in Europe. The Politics of Collective Identity Formation. Ashgate. 222 pp. Hb.: £62.62. ISBN-13: 978-1472420589.

Burt, Ben and Bolton, Lissant (eds) 2014. The Things We Value. Culture and History in Solomon Islands. Sean Kingston Publishing. 156 pp. Hb.:  $152.00. ISBN-13: 978-1907774218

Byrd, Samuel K. 2015. The Sounds of Latinidad: Immigrants Making Music and Creating Culture in a Southern City. NYU Press. 304 pp. Ppb.: $27.00. ISBN: 9781479860425

Cam Thai, Hung. 2014. Insufficient Funds: The Culture of Money in Low-Wage Transnational Families. Stanford University Press. 304 pp. Ppb.: $22.46. ISBN-13: 978-0804777322

Carrier, James G., Kalb, Don (eds.). 2015.  Anthropologies of Class: Power, Practice and Inequality. Cambridge University Press. 248 pp. Hb.: £60.00. ISBN: 9781107087415

Casciarri, Barbara, Assal, Munzoul, Ireton, Francois (eds.). 2015. Multidimensional Change in Sudan (1989-2011): Reshaping Livelihoods, Conflicts and Identities. Berghahn Books. 392 pp. Hb.: $110.00. ISBN: 9781782386179

Chawla, Devika. 2014. Home, Uprooted. Oral Histories of India’s Partition. Fordham University Press. 288 pp. Ppb.: $24.23. ISBN-13: 978-0823256440

Coburn, Noah and Larson, Anna. Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan. Elections in an Unstable Political Landscape. Columbia University Press. 306 pp. Pb.: $45.00. ISBN-13: 978-0231166201

Collins, John F. 2015. Revolt of the Saints: Memory and Redemption in the Twilight of Brazilian Racial Democracy. Duke University Press. 480 pp. Ppb.: £20.99. ISBN: 9780822353201

Cox, Aimee Meredith. 2015. Shapeshifters: Black Girls and the Choreography of Citizenship. Duke University Press. 282 pp. Ppb.: £17.99. ISBN: 9780822359319

Curtis, Jennifer. 2014. Human Rights as War by Other Means. University of Pennsylvania Press. 296 pp. Hb.: $61.70. ISBN-13: 978-0812246193.

Dahl, Gudrun, Bartholdson, Örjan, Favero, Paolo, and Khosravi, Shahram. Modernitites on the Move. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis. Ppb. 116pp.  ISBN: 978-91-86071-98-1

Da Re, Maria Gabriella. 2015. Dialoghi Con la Natura in Sardegna: Per un’antropologia delle pratiche e dei saperi. Leo S. Olschki Editore. 350 pp. Ppb.: 35.00 EUR. ISBN: 9788822263575 (with DVD)

Dixon, R.M.W. 2015. Edible Gender, Mother-in-Law Style, & Other Grammatical Wonders: Studies in Dyirbal, Yidin, & Warrgamay. Oxford University Press. 416 pp. Hb.: $110.00. ISBN: 9780198702900

Dumouchel, Paul; Gotoh, Reiko (eds.). 2015. Social Bonds as Freedom: Revisiting the Dichotomy of the Universal and the Particular. Berghahn Books. 296 pp. Hb.: $95.00. ISBN: 9781782386933

Falls, Susan. 2014. Clarity, Cut and Culture. New York University Press. 224 pp. Ppb.: $15.23. ISBN:  978-1-4798-7990-8

Fairhead, James. 2015. The Captain & “The Cannibal”: An Epic Story of Exploration, Kidnapping, and the Broadway Stage. Yale University Press. 392 pp. Hb.: $40.00. ISBN: 9780300198775

Feldman, Gregory. 2015. We are all Migrants: Political Actions and the Ubiquituous Condition of Migrant-hood. Stanford University Press. 136 pp. Ppb: $12.99. ISBN: 9780804789332

Ferrandiz, Francisco; Robben, Antonius C.G.M. (eds.). 2015. Necropolitics: Mass Graves and Exhumations in the Age of Human Rights. University of Pennsylvania Press. 280 pp. Hb.: $59.95. ISBN: 9780812247206

Fontein, Joost. 2015. Remaking Mutirikwi: Landscape, Water & Belonging in Southern Zimbabwe. James Currey. 365 pp. Hb.: £45.00. ISBN: 9781847011121

Gaibazzi, Paolo. 2015. Bush Bound: Young Men and Rural Permanence in Migrant West Africa. Berghahn Books. 232 pp. Hb.: $90.00. ISBN: 9781782387794

Galanti, Geri-Ann. 2015. Caring for Patients from Different Cultures. University of Pennsylvania Press. 384 pp. Ppb.: $22.50/£15.00. ISBN: 9780812223118

Geissler, P. Wenzel (ed.). 2015. Para-States and Medical Science: Making African Global Health. Duke University Press. 375 pp. Ppb.: £19.99. ISBN: 9780822357490

Goodfellow, Aaron. 2015. Gay Fathers, Their Children, and the Making of Kinship. Fordham University Press. 240 pp. Ppb.: £20.99. ISBN: 9780823266043

Gressier, Catie. 2015. At Home in the Okavango: White Batswana Narratives of Emplacement and Belonging. Berghahn Books. 244 pp. Hb.: $100.00. ISBN: 9781782387732

Grey, Minnie, Stenbaek, Marianne A. and Aatami, Pita. 2014. Voices and Images of Nunavimmiut, Volume 7: Economic Development, Part I. McGill-Queen’s University Press. 288 pp. Hb.: £19.99. ISBN: 9780982915578

Grey, Minnie, Stenbaek, Marianne A. and Gregg, Neil. 2014. Voices and Images of Nunavimmiut, Volume 8: Economic Development, Part II. McGill-Queen’s University Press. 288 pp. Hb.: £19.99. ISBN: 9780982915585

Gudeman, Stephen and Hann, Chris (eds.). 2015. Economy & Ritual: Studies of Postsocialist Transformations. Berghahn Books. 214 pp. Hb.: $95.00/£60.00. ISBN: 9781782385691

Gudeman, Stephen and Hann, Chris (eds.). 2015. Oikos & Market: Explorations in Self-Sufficiency after Socialism. 204 pp. Hb.: $95.00. ISBN: 9781782386957

Gulbrandsen, Ornulf. 2014. The State and the Social. State Formation in Botswana and Its Precolonial and Colonial Genealogies. Berghahn Books. 364 pp. Ppb.: $34.95. ISBN  978-1-78238-325-3.

Göknar, Merve Demircioglu. 2015.  Achieving Procreation: Childlessness and IVF in Turkey. Berghahn Books. 214 pp. Hb.: $80.00. ISBN: 9781782386346

Hage, Ghassan. 2015. Alter-Politics: Critical Anthropology and the Radical Imagination. Melbourne University Press. 245 pp. Ppb.: $59.99. ISBN: 9780522867381

Harris, Mark, Rapport, Nigel (eds.). 2015. Reflections on Imagination: Human Capacity and Ethnographic Method. Ashgate Publishing. 316 pp. Hb. £70.00. ISBN: 9781472417305

Hazan, Haim. 2015. Against Hybridity: Social Impasses in a Globalizing World. Polity Press. 200 pp. Ppb.: £15.99. ISBN: 9780745690704

Hermann, Elfriede and Kempf, Wolfgang. 2014. Belonging in Oceania. Movement, Place-Making and Multiple Identifications. Berghahn Books. 232 pp. Hb.: $86.52. ISBN-13: 978-1782384151.

Herrmans, Isabell. 2015. Ritual Retellings: Luangan Healing Performances through Practice. Berghahn books. 304 pp. Hb.: $95.00. ISBN: 9781782385646

Heyes, A. Scott & Helgen M. Kristofer. (eds.) 2014. Mammals of Ungava and Labrador: The 1882-1884 Fieldnotes of Lucien M. Turner together with Inuit and Innu Knowledge. Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. 384 pp. Hb.: $40.05. ISBN-13: 978-1935623212

Hirsch, Susan F. & Dukes, E. Franklin. 2014. Mountaintop Mining in Appalachia: Understanding Stakeholders and Change in Environmental Conflict. Ohio University Press. 160 pp. Ppb.: £14.99 ISBN: 9780821421109.

Ho, Tamara C. 2015. Romancing Human Rights: Gender, Intimacy, and Power between Burma and the West. University of Hawai’i Press. 216 pp. Hb.: $49.00. ISBN: 9780824839253

Hoem, Ingjerd. 2015. Languages of Governance in Conflict: Negotiating democracy in Tokelau. John Benjamins Publishing Company. 152 pp. Hb.: $143.00. ISBN: 9789027202963

Hviding, Edvard & Berg, Cato (eds.) 2014. The Ethnographic Experiment. A.M. Hocart and W.H.R. Rivers in Island Melanesia, 1908. Berghahn Books. 336 pp. Hb.: $84.22. ISBN-13: 978-1782383420.

Inhorn, Marcia C. 2015. Cosmopolitan Conceptions: IVF Sojourns in Global Dubai. Duke University Press. 408 pp. Ppb.: $27.95. ISBN: 9780822359333

Jackson, Michael; Piette, Albert (eds.). 2015. What is Existential Anthropology? Berghahn Books. 254 pp. Hb.: $95.00. ISBN: 9781782386360

Jansen, Stef. 2015. Yearnings in the Meantime: ‘Normal Lives’ and the State in a Sarajevo Apartment Complex. Berghahn Books. 262 pp. Hb.: $90.00. ISBN: 9781782386506

Jimeno, Myriam. 2014. Juan Gregario Palechor. The Story of My Life. Durham and London: Duke University Press. 248 pp. Ppb.: $19.86, ISBN-13: 978-0822355373

Joniak-Lüthi, Agnieszka. 2015. The Han: China’s Diverse Majority. University of Washington Press. 200 pp. Hb.: $50.00. ISBN: 9780295994673

Kantor, Loli. 2014. Beyond the Forest: Jewish Presence in Eastern Europe, 2004-2012 (Exploring Jewish Arts and Culture). University of Texas Press. 184 pp. Hb.: $47.19. ISBN-13: 978-0292761292.

Kardulias, P. Nick (ed.). 2015. The Ecology of Pastoralism. University Press of Colorado. 272 pp. Hb.: $70.00. ISBN: 9781607323426

Kaufman, Sharon R. 2015. Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line. Duke University Press. 336 pp. Ppb.: £17.99. ISBN: 9780822358886

Kayaalp, Ebru. 2015. Remaking Politics, Markets and Citizens in Turkey: Governing Through Smoke. (Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought). Bloomsbury Publishing. 230 pp. Hb.: $106.40. ISBN: 9781472508737

Keller, Eva. 2015. Beyond the Lens of Conservation: Malagasy and Swiss Imaginations of One Another. Berghahn Books. 258 pp. Hb.: $95.00/£60.00. ISBN: 9781782385523

Keshodkar, Akbar.  Tourism and Social Change in Post-Socialist Zanzibar. Struggles for Identity, Movement, and  Civilization. Lexington Books. 202 pp. Hb. $77.00.  ISBN: 978-0-7391-7543-9

Kirshner, Ben. 2015. Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality. New York University Press. 240 pp. Ppb.: $27.00. ISBN: 9781479898053

Kistler, S. Ashley. 2014. Maya Market Women. Power and Tradition in San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala. University of Illinois Press. 176 pp. Ppb.: £16.99. ISBN-13: 978-0252079887.

Kjaerulff, Jens (ed.). 2015. Flexible Capitalism: Exchange and Ambiguity at Work. Berghahn Books. 296 pp. Hb.: $95.00. ISBN: 9781782386155

Klaufus, Christien; Ouweneel, Arij (eds.). 2015. Housing and Belonging in Latin America. Berghahn Books. 344 pp. Hb.: $120.00. ISBN: 9781782387404

Kleeman, Faye Yuan. 2014. In Transit. The Formation of the Colonial East Asian Cultural Sphere. University of Hawaii Press. 295 pp. Hb.: $46.80. ISBN-13: 978-0824838607

Knörr, Jacqueline.  2014. Creole Identity in Postcolonial Indonesia. Berghahn Books. 236 pp. Ppb.: $84.02. ISBN-10: 1782382682.

Koensler, Alexander. 2015. Israeli-Palestinian Activism: Shifting Paradigms. Ashgate Publishing. 206 pp. Hb.: £60.00. ISBN: 9781472439475

Krautwurst, Udo. 2014. Culturing Bioscience. A Case Study in the Anthropology of Science. University of Toronto Press. 224 pp. Ppb.: $15.23. ISBN: 978-1-4426-0462-9

Kressel, M. Gideon. 2014. The Charm of Graves: Perceptions of Death and After-Death Among the Negev Bedouin. Sussex Academic Press. 256 pp. Hb.: $74.95  ISBN-13: 978-1845195847.

Kuntsman, Adi, Stein, Rebecca. 2015. Digital Militarism: Israel’s Occupation in the Social Media Age. Stanford University Press. 192 pp. Ppb.: £15.99. ISBN: 9780804794909

Kuppinger, Petra. 2015. Faithfully Urban: Pious Muslims in a German city. Berghahn Books. 296 pp. Hb.: $120.00. ISBN: 9781782386568

Langfur, Hal. 2014. Native Brazil: Beyond the Convert and the Cannibal, 1500-1900. University of New Mexico Press. 304 pp. Ppb.: $29.24. ISBN-13: 978-0826338419

Lankauskas, Gediminas. 2015. The Land of Weddings and Rain: Nation and Modernity in Post-Socialist Lithuania. University of Toronto Press. 352 pp. Ppb.: $36.95. ISBN: 9781442612563

Lavie, Smadar. 2014. Wrapped in the Flag of Israel: Mizrahi Single Mothers and Bureaucratic Torture. Berghahn Books. 216 pp. Hb.: $37.95. ISBN-13: 978-1782382225.

Lee, Christopher J. 2014. Unreasonable Histories: Nativism, Multiracial Lives, and the Genealogical Imagination in British Africa. Duke University Press. 368 pp. Ppb.: £18.99. ISBN: 9780822357254

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Malkki, Liisa H. 2015. The Need to Help: The Domestic Arts of International Humanitarianism. Duke University Press. 272 pp. Ppb.: £16.99. ISBN: 9780822359326

Manickam, Sandra Khor. 2015. Taming the Wild: Aborigines and Racial Knowledge in Colonial Malaya. University of Hawai’i Press. 384 pp. Ppb.: $35.00. ISBN: 9789971698324

Markowitz, Fran, Sharot, Stephen and Shokeid, Moshe, eds. 2015. Toward an Anthropology of Nation Building and Unbuilding in Israel. University of Nebraska Press. 352 pp. Hb.: £42.00. ISBN: 9780803271944

Marty, Eric. 2015. Radical French Thought and the Return of the “Jewish Question”. Indiana University Press. 128 pp. Ppb.: $28.00. ISBN: 9780253016782

McFall, Liz. 2015. Devising Consumption: Cultural economies of insurance, credit and spending. Routledge. 203 pp. Hb.: $119.48. ISBN: 9780415694391

Meinert, Lotte; Kapferer, Bruce (eds.). 2015. In the Event: Toward an Anthropology of Generic Moments. Berghahn Books. 186 pp. Ppb.: $24.95. ISBN: 9781782388890

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O’Brien-Rothe, Linda. 2015. Songs that Make the Road Dance: Courtship and Fertility Music of the Tz’utujil Maya. University of Texas Press. 266 pp. Ppb.: $16.72. ISBN: 9781477305386

Oaks, Laury. 2015. Giving Up Baby: Safe Haven Laws, Motherhood, and Reproductive Justice. NYU Press. 288 pp. Ppb.: £18.99. ISBN: 9781479806362

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